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The Impacts of Aging
Randi's Solution

Aging brings changes and challenges. Your joints hurt when you play with your grandchildren, carry the groceries or just rise from your chair. Your visits to the doctor explain why you don't have the energy or stamina you enjoyed your whole life. Perhaps you were warned about your rising blood sugar or blood pressure, the condition of your heart or your risk for osteoporosis.

You may be concerned about your quality of life in the coming years as you see your health gradually or even swiftly decline.


There is more of life to be lived, for your own enjoyment and for those who depend on you. You may wonder how to meet these challenges.

Most of you probably know what to do to keep fit, having attempted to follow various programs and plans, but have not been able to achieve your goals. 


It takes more than know-how and self-discipline. It takes a partnership. I will be that partner, tailoring your program to ensure that you are always challenged, but always winning. I will help you sort out any barriers (scheduling, motivation, self-confidence) and guide you step-by-step toward reaching your potential. 

We will work together to develop a customized exercise program that changes as you change – regaining the energy and stability to perform many of the activities you once did.

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About Randi Bethel
Randi Bethel - Certified Personal Trainer, Functional Aging Specialist

I was fortunate to grow up in an active family. My parents met on the tennis courts in Manhattan. My mother was a physical education teacher and instilled her love of activity in me. Early on, I learned how to swim, ride a bike and play tennis.

As an adult, I added a bit of running, downhill skiing and cross country skiing. I even met my husband while skiing (ok, really at the bar après ski)! I discovered strength training to augment my endurance sports...

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Get Moving!

I want to help

you overcome your barriers to achieving your

fitness goals.

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