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Move thru Life offers personal training, partner training, small group classes and aquatic training for those 50 years and up. They say exercise is medicine. I will work with you to develop a regular exercise program as your prescription for heart health and preventing other metabolic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Where Do We Train?

I will come to your home or meet you at a local park or pool for your workout. This gives us the ultimate scheduling flexibility. I will bring all the tools we need and/or work with whatever workout equipment you have.

It is difficult to stay motivated to be active. I will partner with you to figure out what motivates you, what will help you stay on the path to regular activity. During our personal training sessions, I will teach you how to work with your own body weight and fun toys to build your strength, balance and flexibility.


If you have a favorite sport like cycling, running or cross country skiing, I can help you enjoy your sport more with less risk of injury, and even help prepare you for an event. Whatever your goal, you will receive a fitness plan custom designed for your lifestyle and your preferences.

  • Pay per session: $110/hour

  • Prepay monthly: $105/hour

Personal Training

Need somebody to help keep you accountable? Partner training is fun and more affordable than one-on-one training.


Come work out with your buddy or have me match you with someone. You will receive personalized coaching while working out with a friend.

  • $75 per Person

Partner Training

Not your kids’ Boot Camp. Fitness is always more fun in a group. Group dynamics and banter help make the training fun. On your own? Join an existing group class.

Currently there are no classes on the schedule. Contact me if you have a group of friends who want to work out together!​

Small Group Classes

  • $120 per Month

  • $35 Drop-In

If gravity is a challenge for you, we can move in the pool. Exercising in the pool offers lots of advantages to those who have physical challenges on land.


We will work on joint range of motion, muscle strength and heart health in the soothing and supportive environment of the water.

Let's Train in the Pool!

  • Pay per session: $110/hour

  • Prepay monthly: $105/hour

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